Swaybody Fitness Pilates LOSE INCHES,BUILD CORE STRENGTH AND LEAN MUSCLE,  IMPROVE POSTURE, INCREASE FLEXIBILIY, AND MORE!Classes are limited up to 6-15 members. Classes are small so the instructor will concentrate and focus on the students form and Technic.  We offer the best Pure and Classical Pilates that gears toward beginners to the advance and  to the low impact for seniors. We offer a variety of Pilates group classes from Overall Body Sculpting and Cardio, Barre, Bosu and to Senior low impact. Our certified Instructor Norma Perez will help you reach your goals and keep you maintain a healthy life by making sure her students receive 100% attention.   Routines change weekly and we use variety of props.  Classea are motivated, challenging,  and far the best will keep you returning for more.  Classes start at the beginning of each month, so hurry try your first class  free!

We  service Private Lesso  on the apparatus Reformer, Tower, Mve, Barrel in a private Studio or individual homes or park.

​Must Sign up for online for Group Classes and Private Lesson in  Supersaas

Personal Training Pilates

$45 - $85 per Session

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PUre Pilates ​pure results

Group Classes Pilates, Dance  Barre, Bosu

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Seniors Classes and Private Lessons

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