SingleSession  Studio


        Clients home or Park        

1  Session$95$120
4 Session $85$110
6  Session$75$100
10 session$65$85

Single session

Studio (by galleria or Clients home or Park)

Need a customize workout plan with the assistance of a coach to assist  you with your goals?  Dedicate, Commit and Improve Overall Quality Health?  One to one personalize training is the way to go! 

Benefits why Pilates Personal training one to one? They will strictly work on your own personalized goals and needs. Trainer will work specifically the areas you need improvement, gain strength, along with define and tone your muscles.
Improve overall quality Health physical and mentally.

 10% discount by cash

1st Introductory Session and evaluation $50.00 for 45 Minutes

Promotional: 8 Session 2 times a week $480.00 (expires 45 days)Type your paragraph here.


( 2 People) 

Price Base per person

Duos ( 2 People)Session in Studio Session in Clients house or Park
1  Session$80$90
4  Session$70$80
6  Session$60$70
10 Session$50$60

Private Session 

Key to good health is to move!

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